Thursday, November 19, 2009

My role in the journey of the circle of being in the Universe

Based on the discussion of W. Norris Clarke, SJ about The Great circle of being and our place in it: The universe as journey in his book entitled: “central problems of Metaphysics,” I have learned that I am a human being with deep dynamism (with intellect and will) and I am taking a direction towards union with the Fullness of Being as Infinite Truth and Goodness. This union is what would satisfy my deepest longing within me as a Human Being. So, I am a Human Being who is on a journey back to the Source.
As a human being, my role, therefore, in the Great circle of being the universe is “to journey together with material cosmos below…” me. For the material cosmos is lacking self-consciousness, free of spiritual intelligence and will. And so, the material cosmos should be helped by a human being to be brought back to its source. So, the human person (embodied spirit) is the synthesis of both the spiritual and the material levels of beings. The human person sums up all the levels of being: inorganic, vegetative, animal, and human with spiritual dimension, and the whole course of evolution upwards on our planet from the lowest to the highest. The spiritual dimension of the human person is what helps to stretch all the way to personal union with the Supreme Being itself. The human person acts as mediator between subhuman and God Himself (supreme spiritual being). The Human Person is a traveler, journeying back home, towards personal fulfillment by union with the Infinite Goodness (this is where he came). In the journey in the material world each is unique but inseparable and the human person journeys with the whole universe back to its Source—this is to complete the Great Circle of Being.
Finally, reflecting of what is being said above, as a Human Person and as a Priest, like Jesus I journey with a mission. In Christian faith, Jesus is believed and received as fully human and divine. He is divine but forgot His being divine (cf. Phil. 2: 5-11) and took human nature to journey with humanity but sin and to bring divinity to humanity. Jesus brought healing to the wounds of humanity which is sin by His suffering, death and resurrection. And through His suffering, death and resurrection He restored humanity. So, Jesus became the mediator—He brought the whole of creation including humanity back to God. And since, Human being is gifted with spiritual gift; he has the capacity to follow Jesus, to participate in Jesus’ mission and to bring all creation including himself to God. Personally, as a spiritually gifted Human Person I have also the mission to bring God to the whole of creation and I can bring God to the whole of creation, especially to His gift of nature by helping its preservation. Hence, with the issue of global warming and climate change I have a mission to contribute in preservation of the environment. To be a good steward of the nature, of the environment that God instructed to take care not only for me, for human beings in this present age but of the coming generations, Amen!

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